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How To Face Biggest Challenges In ISO 9001 Implementation?

Initiating from scratch to implement Quality Management System (QMS) in an organization where there was no former existence of ISO 9001 or its practical application might put a team or ISO consultant in hot waters. The positive approach here lies within the notion of perceiving ISO 9001 implementation as a challenge with determination so here comes tips and tricks to overcome challenges that one might face while ISO 9001 implementation in a company.

Top Challenges to Cope Up For ISO 9001 Implementation

Below enlisted are top challenges to overcome for successful implementation of ISO 9001 implementation in accordance with Quality Management guidelines.  

  • Challenge # 01 – Heaps of Documentation

While implementing ISO 9001 guidelines, one may drift away with the feelings of getting captured in a dungeon full of paperwork and documents. In case, team feel getting lost in detailed documentation due to implementation of ISO 9001 and result in creating a resistance or you observe a low interest due to excessive paperwork then here is the way to take the situation in your hand again.

Solution of Challenge # 01:

Please explain the team that the purpose of documentation in ISO 9001 doesn’t mean to increase your burdens instead ISO 9001 aims to document necessary information so that one can retrieve it easily when needed. Another plus point of necessary documentation is to have a proof of every compliance that you meet and further helps in circulating the right information (rather than a second hand information) to all stake holders.

  • Challenge # 02 – ISO 9001 Guidelines Are too Inflexible

ISO 9001 has stringent guidelines about every case and sometimes one may have feeling of too much rigidity being involved while designing working procedures because of too much rigidity and will ultimately feel less motivated.

Solution of Challenge # 02:

Due to continuous evolvement of market needs, customers’ awareness level and magnitude of the competition QMS also evolves with same pace. Stringent rules and regulations help you to make your business more secure and guarantee consistent quality results in order to stay ahead in modernization and improvements.

  • Challenge # 03 – Loss Of Motivation

Sometimes one feel pressure from higher management to get ISO 9001 implemented and the emphasizing power of management can make one feel to be too much pushed resulting in loss of interest and motivation.

Solution of Challenge # 03

To get the best optimum outcomes, higher management should be on board. Each member of the team must feel and be able to take the responsibility for the quality of products and services that an organization offers to the customers. Another important point is to properly communicate the role and responsibility of every team mate in the QMS.

  • Challenge # 04 – Gossips, Rumors and Restlessness

Sometimes the workforce gets involved in various rumors and gossips about reason of ISO 9001 being implemented in the organization. Some might think and spread rumors about the reduction of head count in the organization also known as “Downsizing”.

Solution of Challenge # 04

Leadership must give a clear message to every team mate of the organization about the reason of ISO 9001 implementation way before spreading of the rumors and gossips among people so that motivation of your team cannot be lower down.


  • Challenge # 05 – Extra Workload

Due to implementation project of ISO 9001, your existent employees may feel an excessive pressure and stress to do day to day work and to put special focus on ISO 9001 implementation resulting in less motivation.

Solution of Challenge # 05

Get the best of your resources and team players for allocating the tasks of ISO 9001 implementation across the group. The implementation process should be first ignited by top level management and then to middle level management. Continuous recognition and appreciation is required to keep the morale of the employees boosted all the time. Please ensure that ISO 9001 implementation project is designated to only those who have a potential to do something by going extra miles for the company’s vision and mission and have magnified understanding about what the organization wants from them to deliver.


  • Challenge # 06 – Education and Training

Difference of opinions and difference in concepts might be faced during the ISO 9001 implementation meeting. There is a potential chance that the difference of opinions while discussion might result in potential or hard core resistance from your own team.

Solution of Challenge # 06

Before taking any real time action in implementation of ISO 9001, it is mandatory for every management person of the organization to attend a training session and understand the concept of ISO 9001 and how to hire iso 9001 expert and it’s each and every clause way before implementation. If the step of Education and training will not be executed before ISO 9001 and QMS implementation then one might face difference of opinions on meeting table.

Straightforward Path for ISO 9001 Implementation Journey

  • No QMS is perfect for every business type so implement a QMS that is applicable to your business.
  • Development of an effective document management system is mandatory to keep information flow real and effective.
  • Use only a necessary level of details in documentation.
  • Ensure to involve each and every staff member of the organization so that everybody can contribute for the implementation of ISO 9001.
  • Ensure all stakeholders are involved and are aligned.
  • Don’t lose your focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure each team mate knows roles and responsibility of their own.
  • Make sure you have got the support of top leadership in each and every step of ISO 9001 implementation.
  • If the organization consists of more than one factory, then it is vital to coordinate with multi-sites so that the implementation process step remains synchronized in the pipeline.
  • Stay up to date with all the amendments being made in ISO 9001 and its certification and re-certification criteria.

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