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IT consulting-Information Technology (IT) Pulse

Many IT Consulting company owners we spoke to about considering ISO 9001 processes said they are good. I am sure and I will not debate that. But is your business so too?

The symptoms may be slow progress, market changes, H1 B Shortage, Technology shift.There are challenges which every IT Consulting companies since start of time had and will continue to have. Either they associate with symptoms or be part of the recovery. It’s the choice till the time comes when they are either part of the game or out of it.

As a business person no one doubts your acumen because IT consultant through market tides and ebbs you have successfully driven your company to present status. But IT consulting along these lines you have taken every avenue needed to make this happen. Avenues like getting staff trained to identify right resource, creating more customer friendly personnel, timely processing payments which necessitates supplier selections, tier one vendor relationships, nurturing existing clients and many more are being chartered and made viable.

Where necessary tools and trainings in IT consulting to get the foot in the door are achieved, Fortune 5000, Minority Business, State Diversity certifications and their likes are also procured. So here is a question why does a company not go for certification which will bring you to your 2 big audience, your consultant as well as your client?

Have you thought of ISO 9001:2015? Let us give you more information and help you to move further.

About Sunita Verma

Sunita Verma, Founder and President of Sync Resource started the company in 2009 with a vision to provide management consulting to small & medium size businesses around the country. Sunita holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering(India) with prestigious gold medal by then President of India and renowned Scientist Dr Abdul Kalam Azad. As an active philanthropist she believes in pay it forward and is a contributing member of charitable organizations like St. Jude’s Foundation and North Fulton Charities.

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